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My Sister bought me an acoustic when I was 13-14 years old  to try and wean me off my addiction to duck juggling and alpaca worrying and illegal caterpillar baiting which didn't quite take off round here ! ! . Played for the first 6 months learning tunes  then my cousin came up from London and basically tuned my guitar so I had to start again learning everything ! being self-taught I have a good musical ear and it has done me no dis service over the years. Played in a few bands starting with Neil in various guises and silly names leaping around his garage with 5 watt amps in a pre-Bill and Ted style and suffering playing with drummers so stoned that  they fell asleep in the middle of songs !

Musical Influences:

Influences are many ,Blackmore ,schenker , Gary Moore , Paul Gilbert, Satriani Steve Morse ,Neal Schon all big influences too many more to include here !!
I love good heavy riffs great vocals , harmonies , guitars with fluid  melodic playing , more recently into Night wish great vocals  riffs and song craft and symphony X Sons of Apollo has to be one of the best I've seen of late fantastic band.


Main guitars are white  Ibanez prestige guitars which are great guitars and fairly "Johnny Proof "as I beat the hell out of them !! and Amp is a Blackstar 100 TVP Head and 4x12 Marshall Cab which has been great  and consistent with its sound much so that my band  compadre has now got one which has balanced the sound in the band. I don't use pedals as doing all the singing plus playing  keeps me busy enough so tap dancing on pedals is a luxury I can leave to my fellow guitarist  to make a racket with !!

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