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Roger started playing when he was 16. He played in a few bands as lead guitarist , gigging with Savoir Faire, Random Precision, The Hunted (who became Renegade), then gave up for a few years. He started again in 1993 with One Month’s Notice as the bass player, until the singer left to go to US. In 1999 moved back to lead guitar with Medusa Touch who recorded two albums of original material - “Loving on borrowed time” and “Someone to take you there”. He played bass with Spitfire from  2007 to 2012 while still playing with Medusa Touch, then started deputising with The Rooters, finally joining full time in 2012 on both bass guitar and recently keyboards.

Musical Influences:

Rog loves prog and metal, his favourite bands are Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nightwish to name just a few.


Rog plays a  Yamaha BB1100S bass, Uses an Ashdown amp with both 2x12 and 1x15 cabs and with a Sennheiser wireless system, Roland digital keyboard.


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