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Neil has been playing guitar since age 14 discovering an unknown musical passion that has carried him through life trials and tribulations. Neil took guitar lessons aged 16 to 17 where the world of musical theory, scales and developing solos took root. This combination has given him the passion for melodic solo's built with care, compassion and musical dexterity. There have been many bands over the years primarily with John focusing on classic rock. Early bands included self written material and covers. Since founding The Rooters with John and old Rooters chums Dave and John there have been a few changes along the road all adding to the rich tapestry of learning. 

Musical influences:

Neil is influenced by guitarist who intertwine solo's into songs adding to the narrative of the story. Early influences included the melodic brilliance of ABBA leading onto the amazing stories and songs of Rush and the passion of the NWOBHM around 1982. Over the years bands such as Dream Theater, Thunder and Sons of Apollo have expanded Neil's musical palette. Guitarists that particularly influence Neil include;

Alex Lifeson,

Paul Gilbert,

John Petrucci,

Ritchie Kotzen,

John Norum,

Steve Lukather.


Gibson Les Paul standard 2004

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2004

Blackstar ID100 head

Marshall 1969  4 x 12 cab

Mark Tremonti Wah

MXR Phase 90

MXR Micro Chorus

Boss TU3 Tuner

Dunlop plectrums

Ernie Ball super slinky strings gauge 10-57 

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